I fell in love,
Literally like,
I tripped over feelings and emotions,
And how kind you are,
To everyone and me,
And your smile,
And the way your fingers tip toe up and down my spine,

I tripped over your accountability,
And ability to
Apologies and extend the same hand of grace to me,
When I’m wrong,

I tripped over the bricks you dismantled from my thick wall,
And how you used them builder a bigger safe space to fit us all,

I tripped over your brilliance,
Your resilience,
Your persistence,
Your patience,
Your passion to use yourself to make a difference,
To become the bridge to get to the other side,

I tripped over how you look at me,
Like I’m the only other existence in the world,
To remind this little girl,
That she is alive,

I tripped,
And I fell in love.