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Lexington Poetry Month
A Woman Doesn’t Wait For Me
article by
Jim Lally

1) Once I thought we should be buried
together, our history and all, she thought
that gross, went her parochial way,
the loss like quick sand that sticks  

2) Coffee at Tates Creek Plaza
with questions that stir themselves
into the old brew, the last time
done with deceit’s double shot    

3) Don’t give anything away
is how we flew first class and time
and time again landed at the end  

4 It’s no wait with this go round
no push no pull, no come no go,
unhappiness a bitter tea poured out   

5 responses to “A Woman Doesn’t Wait For Me”

  1. K. Bruce Florence says:

    . . .sadness hangs on these words like persimmons refusing to fall. Bittersweet.

    Bruce Florence

  2. well done Jim. love the aphorism in #3, “flew first class and landed at the end”… thought provoking, as any poet would like to hear

  3. Rae Cobbs says:

    Love the sting. I’m a glutton for beauty. Great writing, all summer long!

  4. Kathleen Gregg says:

    “deceit’s double shot” – wow! Lots of bitterness in this poem, like the tea poured out! Love your poetry, Jim!

  5. Melva Sue Priddy says:

    Have really enjoyed your words, Jim.

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