Today the only proper words are curses,
but the Speaker of the House reads a poem
while those without voice are carried quietly in hearses,

the fascists have longed to reimburse us
with help of racists who thought Obama tainted the White Home,
too many days the only proper words make curses,

bad faith actors leaked all kinds of cruel verses,
the Speaker’s one of a great sum who could’ve stopped em,
so many without choice driven nightly in hearses.

I cannot abide forced birthers,
no womb should be governed by power hungry whim,
these days the only proper words create curses,

we’ve been saying it’ll only get worse (as)
you join hands and sing another hymn
after those without voice are driven quietly in hearses.

What you’ll do except repetitiously converse is?
Damned if all I can do is write a poem,
still the only proper words form curses
while those without choice are carried nightly in hearses.