Goddess Morrigan,
I pray to you:
My friends are many,
And my enemies few–

But they are powerful,
With callous hearts–
Goddess Morrigan,
I beseech you
For your wisdom,
A raven’s eye soaring above the battlefield,
For your strength,
Sword stained true in the blood of conflict,
Goddess Morrigan,
I ask for your blessings 
On my endeavors,
On the endeavors of my sisters,
On the endeavors of my brothers,
On the endeavors of any who would be an ally. 
Goddess Morrigan,
Help us to hone the edge of our rage,
To draw from the wells of our tears,
To build upon the earth-deep connections between us all. 
Goddess Morrigan,
May we achieve victory,
And reign with compassion,
Unstained by hate,
As you would. 
Goddess Morrigan, bless us,