If there was ever a time
to break open some blessings,
to shower me with grace,
to show me You are really there
watching over me,
this is that time!
When the music 
barely rolls off my tongue
and only falls into my ears,
when the bread is tasteless
and the chalice is empty on arrival,
it feels like it is Your foot
digging into my side
breaking ribs
rather than You taking them.

Twenty eight years and counting,
I’ll never claim to be a saint
but I was at least hoping
that I would have something to show
by now.

Yet even in motions, I’m still here
waiting for you to touch me.
If this is yet another unanswered prayer,
at least I’m used to disappointment.
But I like to believe
I’ve seen the road to Heaven,
and if You can help take out the blocks
along the way, then I can finally say
I will be forever yours.