boxes, some filled
some not
are everywhere
I have prepared a bedroom set, ready to be picked up by an eager purchaser
life is speeding along 
I counted and confirmed I am approaching
residence number six in this town
east side, west side, north side
and now
I dig through belongings, repeat 
I sort and stack, pack, toss
and for once do not take much time to reflect
there is no sentiment here
nothing negative, nothing overtly emotive
although this was the first place that was solely mine
every other residence I have shared in some form or capacity
so perhaps, I am leaving behind a first
my first place despite being middle aged when I approached
a symbol of my self sufficiency?
a sign that all will be well and currently is
          what we never imagine experiencing
is sometimes over the next hill
I learned that the hard way but look
I am moving onto place number two 
number two on the independence road
and what if…
I am ready, as ready as I am capable of being
change is warranted and there is no reason not
no reason not to change which is an interesting spot to strike out from
here I go