My Appalachian work ethic and appreciation for where I am are
Unapologetically uninspired toward capital-A Achievements;
My ambition is more a crazy quilt of
Small treasures and tear-stained repurposed scraps
Pieced together with hands sometimes sure, sometimes shaky,
I seek more to grow simplicity
Than to live large
To find my breath, to catch my breath, to feel my breath catch,
To spread my arms wide, stand firm and look up like the ankh,
To savor lessons of hillbilly meets yogi in the stalwart, steady mountain,
To understand that no shame lives in getting my hands dirty
To move what can seem immovable with a slow, steady roll.
In this new year,
I intend to

My mind, my heart, my spine
With a solid foundation in the Divine –
Body, mind, and soul in harmony
To support working toward my very best me.

In time well-spent sharing ripples of glee.
In the stir of my senses, the rhythms of trees.
In the steam of warm water, a sweet cup of tea.
In hush and color and creativity.
In words and in curves and a swirl of whimsy.

Tears and wrinkles and thoughtful advice.
Tender times and sweet memories with my little tribe.
The circles of friendship, the heart of a child.
The vision of differences frolicking with alike
In each of our patterns and weirdness and stripes.

May I
Evermore hold space
To Align, Delight & Embrace.