O radiant moon, you light up the night
     as you orbit the earth on your monthly flight
With no light of your own you reflect the sun’s light
   and sunlight and shadows make you different each night

Sometimes you’re full, and sometimes you’re new
   Two full moons in one month makes the second one blue
Blue in name only, you’re not sad or blue
    It’s only a phase that you’re going through

When you reach your last quarter mark,  you’re only half seen
   But you have been waxing, then waning, with a full moon in between
Growing and shrinking at a steady pace,  
  We have always been able to see your bright face 

There’s a Cheshire Cat smiling in a far distant tree
     Is it really a cat, or your crescent moon I see?
Waxing and waning with a steady glow
    What hidden knowledge could that mischievious cat know?