Your ghost is the only thing you left behind

The wisps of smoke that I grasp at, only for them to disappear at my fingertips

Only to leave me unfulfilled

I almost wish you’d given me closure, I still ache for it sometimes

All you gave me in the end was the feeling that I’ll never be free of you

The memory of you is faded now

Just flashes of black and red

But those feelings… the feelings stayed

The feeling of my hair standing up on the back of my neck

The feeling of my stomach dropping off the edge of a cliff

The stench of sulfur lingers in the ice cold air

Like time is frozen

Like I’m forever stuck in that place, under your control

Your hands wrapped around my throat

Choking out what little life was left in me

And yet, I still loved you


-you didn’t even give me the dignity of a last breath