gifted with grip–
innocent, dirtied bare feet
with tiny scrapes
climb the rough, oak bark
i feel Your presence
with my soles firm to
the soft, damp soil
from the sky’s weeping

my shorts ride up
when i kneel to the ground
my body solid on
the sun-heated rock
something about this
is so childlike and vulnerable
as i bow down to You

bending and folding
with sacred, gifted pleasure
Your name is said in whispers
like a secret
as my every movement
gives praise, glory, and beauty

where me and my lover
kiss so delicately
i offer rejoice to You
through my words
and my loving
and the way i touch
the pedals and the rain

the numbness of Your touch
lingers like a storm
in the way i find rain
coating every surface like dew
all power is held
in this silence
and with it
peace finally
settles into my bones