For Me

Dearest LORD
Nothing is as deep as You
All of our knowledge, all of our power, all of our wisdom
All is surface
But you
You are my depth
My life, my soul
You are my heart, you see in me
And you see through me
Past my hurt, past my anger
Past that veil that keeps me from you at times
And that You tore for me that I am,
That I may know You always.

You rent those curtains
With all the might God gave You
You smote the demons – though it wasn’t You,
But in Your submission.
It was You Yourself Father
You rent the curtains
With all the strength You could muster and beyond
And they fall like lumps of clay
Or brittle twigs snapping in a breeze
Your meekness and submission did it
Your sensitivity, Your love did it…
For me…
For us….