Solstice passed, summer begins
in somber reflection 
of these seasonal storms.
Where many celebrate,
I sit stewing
in the simplicity of insanity.

In the summer, my world crashes.
People die, people leave,
they tell me secrets that destroy
loved images starring in memories,
showing me
I never really knew them at all.

Summer started early this year
as it sometimes does.
Stripped me of someone
so ingrained in my being
it’s amazing
that I am still standing.

It might have been a mistake
on summer’s part,
to leave me time to resign
for a plan to survive;
whatever force works behind these days,
for once I am ahead.

Determined to succeed,
I forgive the preemptive strike.
Some things you just can’t control
From here, my suspicious eye
will spy on every new idea.
Summer won’t have anymore surprises.