Why is it that in my dreams
People come to me – 
I do not know them at all
Are they lost memory?

And you see, these strangers
The ones who come to me
Don’t seem to have a lot to say
But they must hold a key

They are oh so very nice
Cause me to smile and sing
I’d really like to know them
Such joy to me they bring

Sometimes there’s someone that I know
I tell them   ” Go away – 
I don’t want you near me
Messing up my day”

Cause anyone I recognize
Should not be in my dreams
They’re no longer in my life
They’re mean and full of schemes

They put me in the foulest mood
And I yell at my cats
The question that I have here 
Is, I had friends like that?

Seems I’m getting new ones
Sometime real soon I bet
They wave to me from Dreamland
Although we heven’t met

So I’ll just keep on waiting
Biding time with cheer
Holding on to sweet dreams
So they won’t disappear.