Sweet promise lightly made
When boredom sets a finger
Against a windowpane tapping
Keeping the beat to anxiety

Startled by her sudden presence
Where doors stand ajar to forgotten planets
Almost gave up on the arrival of life
Killing off the last tendrils of longing

She’s almost to the box inviting,
What wonders are deposited to me
Accepted after some time passes
Knives of hope sharpened steadily

Soon she goes off down the road
Whispers to the wind carry wishes
At least I’d like to think so
Knowing how my mind can wander

Surprises come to those who wait
Won’t go out til she disappears
Around yonder corner from my desperation
Kindly leaving a possibility

Sealed with a kiss
Wake it from its paper prison
Again I have a story seed
Kiss it I do before planting it in my heart.