I had a dream I was with Bob Dylan
In a marble courtyard that reminded me of Spain
He opened a door to a room full of tables
We sanded the tops while we sang about trains

It was really quite thrillin’
A crowd started millin’
Buddhists were grillin’
What the farmers had been tillin’

Bellys were fillin’
Champagne was chillin’
The Jacks they were Jillin’
Oh the debutantes were willin’
All in this dream of Bob Dylan

I had a dream I was with Bob Dylan
He had an old apartment at the top of some stairs
He spoke to my wife with unusual charm
And he loaned me his genius when he touched my arm

Dentists drillin’
Preachers shillin’
Drunkards swillin’
Sirens shrillin’

Blood spillin’
Soldiers killin’
Mass graves fillin’
Lawyers keep billin’

There’s at least one hero in this world full of villains
Bob Dylan
If you stare at the night sky between the stars in their billions
You might see the weft of Bob Dylan