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Lexington Poetry Month



My old friend has collapsed
in on herself.

Her power shrunk, diminished her
to dependency.  She moves

in pain.  She’s disappearing
before my eyes.

The arc of our lives in sync
from class mates

to young parents. to joint travels
around the world.

At the peak of her power,
her mate orbited her sun.

Now he pushes her wheelchair,
brings her food.

4 responses to “Arc”

  1. Gaby Bedetti says:

    “her mate orbited her sun” and “Now he pushes her wheelchair” is an excruciating change also captured in your title

  2. Geri says:

    Your poems go right to the gut!

  3. Pat Owen says:

    Thanks, what I was aiming for

  4. Kim Kayne Shaver says:

    I love the title & how it fits into poem. Kim

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