As dawn approaches the birds sing their songs,
Their beautiful hymns sounding through every forest,
Every suburb,
As dawn approaches woodland creatures awaken to face a new day,
While others prepare to sleep out the light,
As dawn approaches the sky becomes a canvas of violet and scarlet,
Before sinking to a familiar blue,
As dawn approaches dreams are cut short by the sounds of cars and trucks,
Or by the ear shattering sounds of a rooster,
As dawn approaches we all experience the world in out own way,
We think of days past and the future ahead,
We hold on tight to our mementoes,
For the memories of loved ones give us strength,
They give us the strength to carve a future we are proud of,
Strength to make the impossible seem meaningless,
They give us the strength to weather any storm,
And the strength to endure,
Until the next dawn approaches