During online school shopping
with my youngest of three daughters
the “great divide” between trendy
and seriously, Mom? debuts
Of style she knows everything
I know nothing
She likes nothing
I like and vice versa

Merriam-Webster defines a “great divide”
as “a significant point of division”
I’ll say!

The big G and D, Great Divide
aka Continental Divide occurring 
largely through the Rockies with
several adjacent basins separates
watersheds in the United States running
in opposite directions–Pacific and Atlantic

It’s seriously cool to relate
our mother / daughter relationship
to geology, geography, & hydrology
I mean, I agree with Merriam-Webster

During prep for middle school
our “significant point of division” is like

stage curtains concluding a scene or act
I bite nails and watch which mood 
shall burst forth in the next act
as transitioning develops and

her rite of passage through which we
traverse peaks and depressions
trying to go with the flow though
running to opposite ends of the house

It’s okay
(a gentle reminder to my mom self)
It’s a natural course
After all we are

the end of one side of the divide and
the beginning of the other
(a contranym, no?)
mom and daughter knitting sides twain