should that be the time
personally bad news hits
who do you trust
to answer your call?

They are the one
who knows everything about you
to the point you can say a word
or a name. And they know

tonight is a bad night.
Worst of the week, the month,
almost impossible to get through

If you can think of someone
consider yourself blessed.
If you go home to them
consider yourself saved.

If they’ve been there
from the beginning
consider yourself invincible.
You we’re never in danger

because you’ve never known loneliness
like when your world is breaking
while you’re sitting at the bar
or at home in the dark

staring at your phone like
where the he’ll can I go with this,
this is the end

and not one person is around
to stitch up the wounds in your soul
and convince you that
somehow this is a beginning.

I’m sorry…
I’m just trying to swallow
so much regret,
so many words unsaid.

Tonight is just marked by silence
and the end of a story
that never had
anyone to tell it to.