Can you imagine
Your day to day
Being followed
By a drumroll
Waiting for the axe to fall

Have you ever tried
To suppress your Energy
Because you see it swirling and spreading
Bumping into another’s
Who wants contact
But doesn’t know from who
And their Energy withdrawls

“I’m sorry” 
But I don’t know why
I apologize
For existing 
With no intention of malice

The feeling is always fleeting
But leaves an aftertaste
A texture
That can’t be spit out

And when I was young I choked on it
For years
Until one day 
I couldn’t speak
I moved like a magnet
Trying to connect to something

But I was repelled by everything I saw myself in

I’ve found personal remedies since then

Spiritual mouthwash

But everyday since
My Energy Explores
Looking for a piece of Iron
That might reach out
And won’t let go