Kentucky is it’s own worst enemy
and it’s drunkest fan
yet, yall halt all traffic
to let a family of geese waddle across a four lane road

here, the mad farmer writes in his diary
all the things he’s always wanted to say
here, nepotism rules
yet, yall are so far removed from the reach of riots and protests
that even when you do have them
they have all the action and drama of a middle-class family reunion

here, university sports dynasties are cherished
by and above the working class
here, good magicians brew liquor without questioning the outcome
hypnotized and intoxicated
we all love what they do without asking why
yet, we’re all addicted to coffee and tea here
so at least we all have that in common

Here, beware the coming and going of basketball season
for then, wild drunkards
possessed by school spirits
riot when victorious
and if they should lose
a primal curse cloaks them as they walk
yet, I can sit on my buddy’s porch
and have a “how-dee-do” with passerby
or  relax in a borrowed chair
and pretend to be asleep

Here, the average person of the hollers and the big towns
will happily appoint the same man who they never trusted
because he says “coal” in a voice they want to hear
yet, people here are well read
there’s not alot else to kill time with and the people here
are renowned time-assassins
trained from an early age
we are masters of porch sitting 
naturals when it comes to deep thoughtful staring
at nothing in particular
and everything all at once

Here the bodies of relative unknowns
float bloated
down the river where it meets Clark county
and they tell us someone’s looking into it
on the evening news
while someone’s family wails and wants for blood
yet, people here are good listeners and could empathize on a dime
without any demands made or hard feelings had

Kentucky, there are few greater ironies
than pride without merit
although I could name quite a few more
yet, you are your own mother
and only true friend
you have to be
where good and bad
are as common as giutar players and cigarettes

I should tell you though
wherever you may be
that the “sun shines bright”
on all our old-Kentucky pride and shame
and all we got goin for us