(list poem from MLK Day on I-275)

Old people short of breath
babies with wrist-sprain and joint-pain
urgent care close to surging tide
warm clime for personal injury
every exit a dolphin’s tail
Amish vacation just down the road
Dali’s whales beached on white sand
the treat of Magic Kingdom out of tricks
kind insurance for life’s mean surprises
lads go to college with army Sargent
light beer, testosterone on tap
filtered Kools say you can live to eighty
in the state of melanoma, Eskimos
     with naked toes
rainbow legs dangle from broken piers
gated homes for wealthy widows
poor women sugared to death
a public service where coke and pepsi
     clog your veins
role model gladiators
low rent alligators
two years of pineapple on the dole
rich kids cocooned from middle class yids
my god, Whitman touting i-pads
and Martin’s dream hoisted above Target.
Peaceful end at the toll on Sunshine Skyway