Poem 30, June 30

My Voice


I have no notion that I can take a cruise

to the Bahamas & invite you to go as well.

If I can disguise the invitation as a rhyming

poem, with a scheme you do not know,


I have a notion that I have nothing to lose.

If you refuse, I will not mix words. I will tell

you the Bahamas are too flat for rock climbing

& leave it at that. I have a notion you would go


on a ghost walk with me in Harrodsburg,

or watch the moon rise & line up with planets

or leave your mark on the world behind a falls

in Madagascar.


I have no idea just how far

you can hear my lonely calls

echo along a valley of granite

& return. Not to Harrodsburg…


Not to the Bahamas…

Not to Madagascar…

Not on a ship…

May you lift up my voice


to the Appalachian hills

when you read my poem.