When I first saw you, my heart suddenly stopped. 
Time stood still.
My heart raced to meet yours.
It leaped, it flipped, it hopped, and it skipped. 
I looked into your eyes,
We were not surprised.  
Our hearts increased their pace.
This moment in time we can’t erase.  
Your heart pounded.  
It danced, it twirled, it dipped,  and it darted.
One plus one they beat together.
That’s how it started.
Two beats once separate now beat together forever as one.   
Nothing can divide them,
Nothing stands between them,
Nothing to show where one ends or the other begins.
Together they are a force to be reckoned with.
They beat with the power of a hurricane!
Their beat the sound of thunder!
Waves of blood fill each cell.
Hearts united in unconditional love – never part.
They are blessed from the start.
Our hearts set the pace,
Joined by Love and covered by grace.
Sacred covenant bound.
Sealed with endless kiss.
One heart.
One beat.
When two hearts meet.