She, mountain born, had much to learn
When moving down to flat country,
And never planned to stay for long.
College campus was her main concern. 

Yet, a blue eyed boy with dimpled chin
Happy smile, frat friends, snazzy car
Soon turned that head, drew her in, 
Tossed her plans,  left a door ajar. 

He boasted of a road, a house, and fields. 
Little place just right to get a start. 
Never was her intent to marry any flat
Country man, there was someone else.

Then the Bluegrass bloomed. Never saw
Such as that. Who knew grass had more
Than green and root? Not our girl for sure.
What’s more seed pops out, follows bloom. 

If you look across a blooming field, faintest 
Hue of blue waves in the breeze, that’s how 
Grass got its name. Seed brings a good return
If stripped and sold at the peak of time.

That’s what our hero did, one hot summer,
Bought a ring with his new income, found
The girl, pled his case with her.  Voila, he won 
Perhaps with ring, car, or his deep blue eyes?

Wearing his bluegrass ring and promises,
They laid plans to wed, fill the little house, 
Live on the road, raise a crop, teach school.
College could wait, today her heart would rule. 

She’d go back another year. For now mountain
Girl set her head on house, farm and field,
Looked to see a future in flat country, true
A bit of hill stayed to taunt her strongest will. 

And Strange to tell, that was the one year 
Such a bounty was ever seen. Confluence
Of nature just in time to woo and wed.
Fate’s sense of humor won, it’s clear.

There’s more of the story for another day,
But for now, this was their life’s first start 
On Colville road, where neighbors might say 
” Welcome to this path of homes and heart”.