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Lexington Poetry Month
blossoming and bolting
article by
Misty Skaggs

there’s pleasure to be found
in bare feet and plowed ground.
pleasure in planting myself
between the rows
with my hips set wife
and sinking into the garden
and fully expecting to get dirty.
i start to sweating,

saltwater trickling over the curves
and crevices of my body
to season the soil
and the green beans. 
i know how to handle a hoe

like a weapon.
wielding it against weeds
and copperheads alike.
snakes lose their heads
in my holler Eden. 

6 responses to “blossoming and bolting”

  1. There’s just something about a garden that makes me feel right as rain! Good poem!

  2. Misty Skaggs says:

    that “wife” was supposed to be “wide”.

  3. imagining you as the green giant. or a green giant power ranger? loving it!

  4. mtpoet says:

    This one takes me back to the feel of turned soil on bare feet, and reminds me of cutting a tobacco stalk with a rattlesnake wrapped around it. My heart still skips a beat…

  5. Amy Cunningham says:


  6. Melva Sue Priddy says:

    Gardening, it is a superpower!

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