half off
half on
half assed
half baked
half serious
half the time
half measure
half size
half cocked, go off
half the chance, given
half rhyme
half disme (deem)
half dollar
half priced
half, time and a
half rate
half a dozen of another, six of one
half hearted
half shell, on the
half and half
half as much
half empty
half full
half a loaf is better than none
half of it, you don’t know the
half marathon
half way there
half time
half an hour
half day
half year
half life
half lives, how the other
half, other
half, my better
half breed
half wit
half brother
half hatchet
half acre
half staff
half blood
half light
half moon
half tide
half seas over
half a world away
half a heart
half a mind to, have
half an ear, listen with
half asleep
half smile
half bad, not
half, too clever by