Posts for June 17, 2022



half off
half on
half assed
half baked
half serious
half the time
half measure
half size
half cocked, go off
half the chance, given
half rhyme
half disme (deem)
half dollar
half priced
half, time and a
half rate
half a dozen of another, six of one
half hearted
half shell, on the
half and half
half as much
half empty
half full
half a loaf is better than none
half of it, you don’t know the
half marathon
half way there
half time
half an hour
half day
half year
half life
half lives, how the other
half, other
half, my better
half breed
half wit
half brother
half hatchet
half acre
half staff
half blood
half light
half moon
half tide
half seas over
half a world away
half a heart
half a mind to, have
half an ear, listen with
half asleep
half smile
half bad, not
half, too clever by



Harbouring on the Edge of Narnia

living in the curve
down where the road changes names
natural nexus


Set a Spell with Miss Magnolia

Lemony heady tightly wrapped vanilla buds
thick sticky arms in quiet fetal repose
open slowly in sun’s embrace
fragile heartbeat steady until it isn’t
when it isn’t love seeps thru the veil

all the sweat tears joys fears 
co-mingled lives breathing each other’s organs
re-embraced in reunion it’s as though never parted
as memories gush and hugs bust locks
trust exudes spilled gems

one breath breathes kapalabhati
as belly-kindled fire sets ice in motion and current eases and stills

nature’s spirals remind us she is ever for-giving
she forgets all the poison we feed her
forgives our unconscious pruning
and still she opens her heart in reckless abandon
as a lovers embrace or a daughter’s water breaks        
          life’s hymns and tears flower in sweet dilation

oh how much she LOVES us, if only we listened . . .
sat a spell dropped our masks peeled our armor

Love dives deep without tanks
swims on the finest level of feeling
soothes maladies pours poignant sweet lemon balm
to heal all wounds
gently rocks and holds us to her bosom with strong white arms

Aaahhh the magic potion of Miss Magnolia’s spell . . .



through the tunnel of tree trunks and bare branches,
over the still river green as pulled candy,
the Great Blue Heron glided 
before beating its wings
three times
and dissolving


Infinite Circle

A drunken night in 
Panama City
A heated fever dream
or was it?
A young lady named Fran
From a far away place
Her accent had me at
“Snake bites anyone?”
And a smirk
She slid me that shot
from the other side
of the bar
Auburn brown waves
Just long enough
Too brisk
Where the summer sun
And French lace kissed
The small of her back
Under her linen white
t-shirt dress

Her tan lines
highlighting the 
And curiosity
The spring break of 
I’d swar it was real
Patrón on the rocks
with a “Fancy salt rim”
The lime she bit
From my sunburnt lips
That led us to the deck
A skip and a jump
Hand in hand
To the pier
Down under the strip
The salt on her skin
The tide rolled in
As she kissed
My shoulder and 
“There’s the moon”

I never thought I’d find
That type of wonder
In a person again
Whom I’d just met

But there you were
And here we are
And the rush of who I thought
I was ceases to exist
You take me there
That place inside
Where my heart jumps
from my rib cage
The hair stands on the back
of my neck
Mouth watering
I crave every ounce of you

In a crowded street
with local beers
And summer salt on our skin

We have more now
Than we ever dreamt
And we aren’t even 
finished yet

We have been 
In every existience 

I’ll meet you for a
In this valley
and every valley
Enjoy the view 
of you
all that we’ve created
from every angle

Never before
has a being 
exposed my core
Lie down with me
on any battlefield 
lick the salt
from my wounds
and ravage my center
of me 
all at once
It all led me
To you.
I need it every time



there’s a way
to touch someone
at the base
of their spine
feel the pulse
of the true them
and what they’re 
going to be
see their lives
stretched out
like a finite line
because we all 
have the same end

I’m just glad
to see myself
with yours
at the end 
of our lines


The Ferris Wheel belongs to the younger Me

I had forgotten your name,

The color of your eyes, your haircut,

And dirty hands, your smile

Until I walked into the county fair

And saw the ride I met you on,

6 years ago

It feels so childish, and we were so young

And I can finally say I’m over you

But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you

The lights, the loud music, the spinning rides

They take me back to you

But you didn’t own that memory first,

The younger me did, and she still has ownership to them

As I walk around with the smell of funnel cakes in the air,

I’ll think of little me, the girl who

Would beg to come here every day

Ride every ride, fearless

Who would look around and

Find the joy in life in just a Ferris wheel


Car Sick

Tomorrow I will force feed
my car the road, swell vacation
memories into foie gras. 


Rain Rain

it’s stormin’ now 
thunder echoes  
lightning strikes
the rain washes over everything 

as the drops touch my skin
they take my pain away 



The world has become
Questionable, tentative
Trust your gut instinct