George Carlin’s routine featured a fictitious book club that included the titles:
“Rid Yourself of Doubt–or Should You?,” “Reorganizing Your Pockets,” “Why Hawaii and Norway Are Not Near Each Other” and “How to Kill a Rat With an Oboe.”
Mr. Carlin is no longer with us.

Here are books I’d like to read that haven’t been written yet:
“Save Your Toenail Clippings,”
“How Muenster Cheese Saved My Marriage,”
“The World According to My Idiot Son-in-Law,”
“Weaning Myself off of Food in Thirty Days,”
“Zen and the Art of Corn and Callous Removal,”
“Changing the World One Spatula at a Time,”
“The Mathlete I Couldn’t Count On,”
And “Why Sweden and Norway Are Next to Each Other.”

If any of these turn out to be real titles of real books,
My real apologies.