I have always known
I am barely visible, a muted
unfinished painting
moored loose from the dark matter
distracted thinking about
someone’s finger itchy with hate
a place I don’t want to go
a museum of small sadnesses
I heard the world smolder
arpeggiating brokenness
My heart floods around me like water
This is the stunning time of in-between
the feeling of being suspended
like a tightropewalker holding a heron egg
The world opens itself to
putting the knives to sleep
The flame of life leaps
wings open like blue doors
Let the longest day’s light carry you
You are a deep memory
vibrating with contentedness
Step out into the yard of astonishment
Sew the world together with the tender
slow unfolding
of clarity
the path to mending
Sow kindness
with such abandon
in the letterbox of my heart
there is only this
green shimmer of
a distant and half-remembered home

*Cento of lines/phrases from LEXPOMO poems by Roberta Schultz, Linda Bryant, Sylvia Ahrens, Jim Lally, Laura Foley, Sylvia Ahrens, Carrie Elam Spillman, Shaun Turner, Tom C. Hunley, Pam Campbell, Sophie Watson, Coleman Davis, Gwyneth Stewart, Ellen Austin-Li, T. M Thomson.