All my memories are  wrapped  up inside a shell of empty misery.
  I can hear you in my mind, and you sound so alive.
  I’ve got your things, they’re kept clean.
  I write you letters, and poems on the old typewriter you’ve left behind.     Half the things I say, have no meaning, they’re just said to pass the time.
  I pretend to know what’s going on inside my head.
  But all it is pretending to not notice when I feel so empty.
  I almost collapse onto the floor. 
  And you see me from your corner of wherever you are.
  I wonder what you see. 
  A question is misery.
  A thing left unsaid is so haunting.
  I bury the words with you.
  I bury these words for you.
  Today’s moments only last for as long you can see it in your eyes.   Everyone says we’re together, but we’re so far apart.
  Everybody plays their part.
  Tonight I will still keep moving on.
  Tomorrow will always seem too long.
  But the next day will seem so short.
  Just like yesterday in my memories.
  We’ve all lost our minds.
  Pretending we’re divine.
  Nothing’s past the shadows, and nothing exists past the light.
  Nothing passes through the light.
  I see you in the grey of my time.
  You look so fine.
  I’ll write you a song. 
  And sing it over your grave.
  You won’t hear a note, but I know you’re seeing me perform.    Contradictions make me feel alright.
  I believe I don’t know, but I know I can’t believe. 
  In something older than my soul.
  Something unseen. 
  I’ll bury these words for you.
  I’ll bury these words for me.
  So I can have some rest.