Consider much and you won’t
move, you’ll stick in muck.

Question every urge and you will
remain unchanged. There are a million
and four reasons why it won’t work.

Why it isn’t safe.
How it could hurt,
backfire, humiliate.
How it could endanger
your promotion, reputation,
credit rating, rank.
How it could disappoint,
appear deceptive, selfish, ungrateful.
How you could resoundingly
flop and fail.

All you’ve earned by following
the regular is where you are.
Where you were.

Nothing will emerge
extraordinary from stale
chambers of stodgy decorum.

Pressed suits and pleated pants
are fine unless you hope to dance.
Cuff links won’t allow
for rolled up sleeves.
A necktie, like a girdle, will
barely let you breathe.

Play it close and calculate
financial gains, avoid
the risks at all costs
and with luck, everything
will pretty much
stay the same.