Before the world, she lies, hollow,
She who stands tall for all to see,
She who speaks with a confident voice,
She who is loved, praised,
She who’s very existence is a falsehood,
A falsehood that goes unquestioned.

As she walks in her clothes,
I walk in her body,
Invisible to all but myself,
I who stand with my body too curved,
I who speak through a voice that’s weak,
Her words a mask to hide my face.
My truth goes unknown to the world
With my life obscured before hers.

I try to escape, but I cannot,
Burdened by her shell,
Her loved, accepted shell.
I am pushed back,
I hide in the dark,
And no one will come look for me.

Let me be free,
Let the husk of her fade,
Let the world see me,
Let me stand not so tall,
Let me speak with a clear voice,
Let me be loved, praised,
Let my existence be unmistakable truth.
For I am the same as her,
She is me,
I am them.