Melancholy day
Eyes half lit slits
A plaintiff sun forces light on a ruddy transplant
donning a half-cocked beret
bent over a journal
at a small table
in the corner by the window

A wink accompanies his tilted pinball smile
I pretend not to notice
My husband would not approve 

Imagination conjures a clandestine lunch
Aperitifs, delicious wine, French Bread & Camembert lovers
Time to steal a time away from real
A novel conversation
A chance to practice my French with an expatrie

Momentarily mon francais parle et mes visions de Paris project a
View Master clicking vintage reels of the City of Light
I slowly reapply my lipstick
and tuck the mirrored case into my satin lined velvet bag

I stand to leave ~ my floor length cashmere coat holds me steady
bidding this fantasy
Au Revoir,
Hiding my heart behind red lips
my eyes lie under cover 
Jacque O. shades