coughs silky-soft tortie deep in her pillow-paws,
curled in Chevy belly pan. 

Rain-drilled metal rouses marjaryasana,
her midnight yoga roll. 

Disembodied green-orbed slits emerge
dry under Chevy batwings. 

Cloud-released moonlight illuminates
police cars that give no chase 

to stolen cars dumped in the weeds
of junkyard dank. 

Furry silhouettes without a breed
or pedigree slink from flat rubber skins, 

three-window & banjo rear ends
& draw furmidable lines. 

Tortie slow-switches
her tail like wipers in misty rain. 

Two youngsters face off, ears up & flattened
guttural meOrowl, squabble for territorial claims. 

Tortie crouches & bends half-bit ear
and sings a song that no one hears. 

She jumps to Chevy belly pan & caught
that membrane where dream and reality coexist, 

& purrs Pawsability, hollow-echoes of home.