I’m calling you in,

my perfect lover,

my sacred partner.

I am sending out the signal

to tell you I’m ready.

I am done simply fantasizing,

my precious one.

I am ready for you

to be here now.

Come to me.

I am ready to be seen and known,

to be loved and cherished.

I want to make

all our dirty dreams

come true.

I want to learn your body.

Come, be my teacher.

I want to give you pleasure.

Come, show me how.


I’m calling you in.

Every day, I get closer

to attracting you,

to manifesting you.

I am making

space and time

for you in my life.

I am ready to be

a good partner to you.


Come hold me,

come touch me,

come kiss me.

My body is yours

and so is my heart.

I wait for you

like a child

on Christmas Eve,

excited for everything

that is to come.


I can’t wait to have

adventures with you

and quiet moments at home

and nights of deep passion.


Come to me, beloved.

I am calling you in.

Please find me soon.

I love you very much.