Open air and an azure sky
free of clouds to hide the heavens,
perfect for long walks or hammocks;
tranquil is the breathing wind.

Take your first steps out the door
whether waking up or clocking out.
Let this energy mix with your spirit
in the sun’s enigmatic warmth.

The patron saint of selflessness
ever giving from almost endless store
of hydrogen zipping flying fusing,
exploding power toward the world.


If illumined cities can pollute the night
while midday light makes ghosts of moons,
how extreme from the surface fire,
like onstage performers looking out?

Does the sun know of Orion
as he stalks the wary Taurus,
Libra balancing scales, the charms
of Aries and Virgo, Pisces’ eternal swirl?

Does it know it’s part of a galaxy
full of billions of like souls,
how that number continues to grow
in the endless expanse of space?

Does it know of Earth and its billions
dependent on the sun for life,
how it is worshipped and loved
in ways that will never outshine?

Does it even get a peek at Mercury?

For all the sun knows, it could
very well believe it’s completely alone
yet the light never fades.
The mission remains the same:

give and give and give and give
like true love is designed to do.