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Flash! Lavender flash!
Wings light question
Do you see me?
Spring Azure fleeting
Light! Summer light!
Hops Azure
Little blue creek side
Flit the forest floor
Who are you?
Wonder for tiny blue
Sky! True sky!
Lovely lilting
Holly Azure

Registration photo of Charlie Kennedy for the LexPoMo 2023 Writing Challenge.

Home Video

Savor your dreams      

Count the rips in the seams     

I made my baby cry      

Had to come clean      

About all the nights      

I spent lying in bed      

Thinking about all      

All of life that I dread      


So I drove out of the state      

Kissed the lips that I hate      

I was never told      

The promise had been made      

All my things I sold      

When I tried to let go      

I can’t handle the pressure      

I can’t remember the snow      


I hear same songs on repeat

As I walk down the street

To the railway station

Where I try my best to beat

My boredom into sensation

Buying a ticket to nowhere

It’s getting pretty late, don’t you think

My father really won’t care


I stumble when i try to run

Gotta get out of the sun

The scene is too familiar

Something I’ve already done

You stay clear of danger

But it’s already calling you back

Grab yourself a duffel bag

I’ll try and help you pack

Registration photo of Kendall Brooke for the LexPoMo 2023 Writing Challenge.

sunday mornings

somewhere in another universe
we are waking up on a
sunday morning
the sun beams through our curtains
dances across your face
I roll over
kiss you on your nose
say I love you
and actually mean it

you make me pancakes
I fix your coffee
both are too sweet
and we are
in love



how did we get here?

i often muse.

in a world of

endless possibility

we’ve chosen



credit scores.

red tape



lets wander

through the forest.

air in lungs,

dirt on feet.

and forget

about society a while. 


In Response to the Ubiquitous Question, “Has it Flown By?”

In the arena’s abrasive fluorescent
glow, the skin pulled taut on the back of my hand turns yellow
as the golden
moon that chuckled as I chased backyard fireflies, yellow as the neon 
mask I wore during pandemic days, yellow as trophies
won and lost, yellow as bright crayon
smudges on my fingertips, yellow as Ticonderoga pencils
sharpened, snapped, and dulled, yellow as jaundiced
textbook pages that crinkled in my hand like weathered 
memories, yellow as the amber
cord that hangs around my neck.  

I glance back at that glaring light, at my skin agleam 
with yellow, and I know time has not flown by like a hasty canary
flitting from branch to branch, but it has wrapped me in its embrace
like an endless summer’s
day whose light stretches and swells
until nightfall when the sun finally cozies
into the horizon, leaving the still-waking world with an afterimage
of its glow that seemed to last a lifetime.

Registration photo of Jazzy for the LexPoMo 2023 Writing Challenge.

Red Means Stop

When you see a red light do you run it or do you stop? 
When you see a Stop Sign do you roll through it or do you stop?
Or do you stroll passed it with only a glance?
When you come to a four-way-stop,
It’s important that you stop.
Make sure to press your brake.
You don’t want to make a mistake.
Please come to a complete stop for everyone’s sake!

Registration photo of Tania Horne for the LexPoMo 2023 Writing Challenge.


I let the rage creep back-
like trophic rewilding.

You’ll have to spread out
your predation on my peace.

I have hardened my stance-
my sacrifice of time and obligation
is on my terms.


entry #33

are we still going?

are we
       still      ?


Love Poem

You be the fang, I’ll be the vein.

You be the razor, I’ll be the wrist.

Let’s destroy each other.


You be the gasoline, I’ll be the match.

You be the scientist, I’ll be the bomb

Let’s explode.


You be the hypnotist, I’ll be the hypnotized.

I am the silence, you are the hunger inside me.

Let’s waste away.


I’ll be the bullet, you be the gun.

I’ll be the staple, you be the remover.


Let’s get violent.

Let’s make love.


Full Moon

smoke from a candle
leaves a ghostly trace among
the slant of light 
moon through the trees
it is a still june night
and my thoughts 
mingle among untangible
uncertainties amid fears
beyond my control
illusive specter
my mind plays tricks
phantoms of loss and pain
shimmer among fire flies
and disappear in haunting
vapor with the candle flame

KW 6/2/23