1: Five

Maybe if I try
Really hard, just sit down and
Concentrate, I can

Write a haiku full
Of haikus. Wouldn’t that be
Fun? Yes, but no fair

Using filler words
To pad the lines. No cheating
Words to favor form.

Let the rope wrinkles
Unwrinkle as they will, as
They must. Medium

And message mingle,
It’s true, and yet the simple
Haiku transcends both.

2: Seven

A lover laughed at
My love of all things meta.
I think she thought I

Overused the word,
Applying it too often.

Willy-nilly. And
She was probably right. I
Am indeed given

To hyperbole–
Exaggeration, even.
But I confess when

Real is layered and
Marbled with adjacent Real,
I find the surreal

Revealed. The Reals yield,
And fade in importance — a
Reality I

Love to live. Like a
Haiku full of haikus: that
Is some meta shit.

Three: 5

I love to chase a
Haiku’s wrinkles until they
Unfold and reveal

Their truths beneath my
Fingers. I think of rope that
Needs straightened. I think

This of all writing.
Not a great analogy,
I cannot deny.

But look what it can
Do — what it did! I chased those
Rope wrinkles ’til they

Unwrinkled, and lo!
Behold! Meta unlocked: A
Haiku of haikus.