There is utility to my shame
It has me across from you
arms uncrossed

Look, if it wasn’t for Jesus I would have ruined my marriage.
I’ve been tempted to listen to
the advice from our father
I know the toxins polluting our blood
I’m too far redeemed to play chicken with sin
That sucker is a viper ready to bite me
Kept coiled by the promises of my FATHER,
the only reason I’m able to stand;
no longer a pretend Saint, but a desperate man

Brother, we don’t have to be ashamed 
there’s no act on my own behalf
that accounts for the darkness in my heart
I earned the way I’m avoided by some
My only way out was to learn to be a son
His son
A gift given, but not cheaply
My King paid the debt
So I can live freely

I’m sitting across from you
You’re in pain
and what I know to do
is show you my shame