Once I told a work friend
that I want another child.
She turned it into a vicious rumor.
We never talked again.

Lily brought me flowers.
I put them in a vase.
An ant crawled out of the bouquet
and started circling the marble table.
On and on she went.

You are too innocent
workaholicing in your room.
Just too fucking innocent.

Hear that?
I’m allowed to say fuck
even if I say it with an accent.

As soon as I saw you this morning
I noticed your sad eyes .

two eyes
two arms
two legs
two breasts
two languages
two countries
two ex-husbands
two kids –
no wait – only one child
(one of the exes refused to discuss having children
year after year
until I ran out of time
then we both stopped talking)

Today I thought of you
and yelled
into the dishwasher
as I was putting away forks
and coffee cups.
Same kitchen.
I yelled out
a few questions
you’ve left unanswered.
Same sadness.
By the sea people
stroll as couples.
In Kentucky poets
write in couplets.

Someone makes an effort
to stay together
with Someone Else
though Someone Else
doesn’t seem to notice
Someone’s efforts.
Then something happens.

I don’t know if tourist season has arrived,
but airplane season is definitely here.
They all fly over my apartment.
Even metal birds know their route,
says a friend. In 22 days
I’m arriving in Kentucky.