I am truly a worm,                                                  not                                                     not  even human.

Psalm 22

Critical Race Theory. How critical?
Enslavement, segregation, racism,
genocide, colonialism have confiscated
truth.  Those of us who still have feet
take to them looking, looking for
where the peoples went, long time passing,
leaders, dancers, physicists and lovers,
piano players, schoolgirls, fathers,
babies, physicians, truckers, weavers,
bankers, herders, builders, pilots,
running backs, gymnasts, farmers,
teachers, essential workers, plasma donors
had been transported, wasted, burnt, shot,
evicted, fired, suffocated. Rachel weeps,
her children’s genes expunged.

Along with this: to pray Psalm 22
requires Critical Species Theory.
Worms and ants and all share status
in the Dreamtime. Humans, another blurry kind
who’d better bow. Teillard and technicians
of the earth herself might say consider

the hind feet of echidnas