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Lexington Poetry Month
Crumb Girl
article by
Bronson O'Quinn

You call me a liar
        for saying you’re beautiful.

I don’t know what else to say
        except that I think you look like
        one of Robert Crumb’s girls
              a little hairy,
              bursting with energy.

Talking online,
        I knew you were fun,
                but that’s not when I fell for you.

When you showed up
        at the bowling alley 
        wearing a dress—
        lips painted bright red—
                my nerves took over.
                I became a cartoon
                        hearts in my eyes,
                        tongue on the floor.

                You were my Crumb girl
                        and I was your Fritz the Cat.

5 responses to “Crumb Girl”

  1. Amy Cunningham says:


  2. You know I’m a sucker for love poetry.

  3. upfromsumdirt says:

    robert crumb never drew a woman i didnt wanna have relations with… so she must indeed be special. well done.

  4. mtpoet says:

    Your poem of praise, with its references and images, kept me reading with anticipation all the way to that telling ending.

  5. Joseph Allen Nichols says:


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