Patting the growing mound in my womb.
Catching the glint in your eyes as you run through the sprinklers
laughing with abandon little girls by your side.
Holding hands in parking lots to safeguard your girls.
Fishing for minnows with miniature nets from cold running streams.
Popping whipped cream from the can into their bird mouths
instead of the peak of their sundaes,
Hosting a field trip in your work kitchen and regaling them with
cupcakes and cream.
Standing spread eagled in the street to stop our runaway teen in a runaway car.
Streaming tears down your cheeks at their graduations.
Dancing with pride in your eyes on her wedding day.
Cradling the newborn grandson so tenderly.
Teaching him the nature you love as you hold him to admire the frozen fox in glass.
Remembering your daddy moments wishing there were more.