Posts for June 20, 2022


Hey you


You there.

I wish we


Go back

Leave us

A note

To say that

Picking a path

Is not for everyone

Sometimes it’s okay

To hangout

In the parking lot

In the back row


Away from the crowd

Have a look

See what passes

Your way

Then decide.

What’s best for you?

What makes you smile

At 2am in the kitchen

When no one is home

Pants are an option

A sleep is far

And snacks are near.

It’s okay to want more

Than one thing at a time.

It’s okay

To want


Every time

All at once.

It’s okay.


I said so.


P.S. we never have to do those days over again.


Tidy Up!

Where do I start Marie Kongo?
To whom do I relinquish a 70’s jewel toned
chevron muumuu?
Who would appreciate the once worn 
party dress
like my once close
now estranged friend who laughed with me
at the polyester prize?
How do I part with my children’s sweet 
little drawings? Or my own that may 
someday be turned into a painting?
Flea market family adventure finds
so fun to score 
lay about the dresser, the fireplace,
the floor
Memories trump joy
and this soon to be empty nest
may remain filled to the brink
though several steps shy of hoarders
I think
Minimize, downsize
it seems so apppealing
though what would amuse
without my miniatures shelf? 
or those vintage perfume bottles and books?
What will fill in the space where my kids have gone?
I imagine 3 extra large bears on each of their beds
relaying telepathic messages 
We are here, in your heart, don’t despair



if you could see 
what it’s like
to watch
you move
across the room
a towel clutched
to you e
for decency 
that I know 
what’s underneath

you wouldn’t say
such horrible
about the person
you think you are


Koan for Forgiveness 0f the Self

I am forgiving
Myself. I am who I am,
Not who I am not.


Savoring the Slow Burn

Open a window,

Bask in the smell of rain on freshly cut grass

Sip your coffee,

Taste every inch of it’s roast

The sunrise will fade slowly,

Trace every color like there won’t be another

Hug long,

Feel every skin cell they have to offer

Play like a kid,

And enjoy every laugh


Childhood Farm

Wayne Co. KY
1,200 acres of hills and trees,
caves and streams, criss-crossed
with ancient trails.
A big iron stove to heat the house, a small one for cooking.  
Backyard garden gave up
it’s sweet Silver Queen
to our eager mouths.
We drank water from
the spring, played in the creek
where wild mint grew, 
picked raspberries and blackberries till
our hands were stained.
Hillsides covered in daffodils, sweet william, bachelor buttons –
We were rich and we did not know it. 


I am fine

If I am busy enough, I don’t have time to feel
I want to feel
most of the time
but lately, 
it is easier not to

I want to stop and enjoy the sunset,
to smell the roses,
to enjoy a conversation
but I am overwhelmed
overextended, stressed out

I want to live my life to the fullest
to have rich experiences
savor the moment 
however, lately my moments 
are stressful and scary

I have faith that I will enjoy life again
that the situations 
that are making life crazy
will turn around
and peace will return

However, in the meantime
I keep saying “I am fine”
when I am not
and I am constantly moving
too busy to feel



Woman pulls up in an older BMW coupe
Her dark hair, mottled grey, neatly in place
Grabs her canvas shopping bag, heads for the store

Just minutes later in the coffee shop
She arrives for a cup
Takes it to go, sits outside
In the late afternoon sun
Facing the parking lot road

Clean blue jeans, that dressed casual look
She drinks rather quickly
Looks about in different directions
Keeps looking as she throws her cup away

No longer shopping
Instead, crosses the mall road
Waits, then paces
Watching the road, oncoming cars

Soon a black sedan pulls up, a man driving
She quickly opens the door
Climbs into the passenger seat
Gives him a smile
They drive away.



swaddled like an infant,
i nurture myself

a lullaby of my whispers
& sadness

the sky is dark
& the air just a little louder than death

i will find peace here


On homecomings

I have rested,

No longer weary I raise my head in the glass garden.
Here I have slept under watch of the god of many colors,
A prismatic spectacle,
Glittering crystal flowers reflect and refract,
Every stained yard of light,
Like twin jeweled eyes in atomic sunlight.
The blessings of the witch of dandelions,
Assuaged all but the most harrowing thoughts.
I must rebuild my fabric castle,
My kingdom of many inks and dyes and patterns,
And offer it solely to myself.