Wanda travels to work each day on her blue dragonfly.  She loves the way the wind flips her hair into tight ringlets.  She named her dragonfly Gypsy.  Gypsy Saint Clair to be exact.  Gypsy boasts a Puka shell necklace Wanda gave her one Christmas.  They both think it brings them good luck. Who’s to say it doesn’t?

Wanda and Gypsy leave promptly at 7:15am each work day.  They always pass by the 2 women down the street (Barbara and Jessica), who smile and wave.  Wanda knows their friendliness is as fake as Cool Whip, as she’s heard that they tell everyone she is a nut job.  Wanda smiles and typically mumbles, “Namaste b*tches” as she flings her hand in the air. 

Gypsy always takes the scenic route to work.  Flits through the Chevy Chase neighborhood.  Lots of morning runners there.  Wanda and Gypsy always try to guess which one of the runners will keep jogging in place, checking their FitBits at the crosswalks, and which ones will just stop, look around and spit. More than not, they are correct in their guesses.  Gypsy says most of it has to do with what kind of shoes the runners are wearing.  She says you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear……which is interesting since Gypsy doesn’t own a pair of shoes herself.   

Most days Gypsy hangs out in the park behind Wanda’s place of employment while Wanda works her ass off.  The park is full of mosquitoes and midges, which Gypsy considers a delicacy in the dragonfly world.  She can pretty much eat her own body weight in midges daily.  On occasion, Wanda’s caught Gypsy smoking behind the large oak in the park so Gypsy’s taken to smoking in the boy’s bathroom.  Wanda never thinks to check there.   

Typically, Wanda is clocking out at 4:30pm as Gypsy waits in the parking lot.  Sometimes Gypsy has a cold Diet Coke waiting for Wanda.  This is one of many things Wanda loves about Gypsy.  She is so thoughtful.  On Fridays, Wanda and Gypsy stop by Pop’s Resale to check out the new old vinyls Pops has set out.  It’s a great way to end the week.   

Wanda says “life has a way of connecting us with who we need, if we just let it.”  I would have to agree with that…..seems Wanda and Gypsy were meant for each other.