I know you are calloused and impartial,
And care not for the whims of a mere mortals like me.  

But Death,
Hear my plea,
Don’t come for my son,
Until you’ve come for me.  

It’s a common request,
One you get all the time.
And it is selfish.
I know.  

But Death,
Hear me out.  

My neighbor,
Mrs. Fergeson lost her boy.
He was 10 years old.
He strangled himself,
With an elastic headband
Hanging from his bedroom doorknob.
I think of her often.
How can you come back
from something like that?  

I think of my Aunt Lynne.
She lost her son,
In a motorcycle accident,
Run over by a semi-truck.
He was 25,
With 2 young boys of his own.
How did she find the strength,
continue after that?
How did she find,
The courage to go on existing?

I know I don’t deserve any special treatment.
I am flesh and blood,
Just like everybody else.  

But death,
I love my son.  

Don’t take him away from me.