Few seem to know your name

once cast into coalescing clouds

commandeering horizons,

danger in the distance.

Saintly spirit from beyond

believed to ward off the noxious weather,

there must be something to your power
to not be completely lost to history.

But like the storm ravaging land and sea,
our emotions will come to darken our skies.
Anxiety, depression, fear and the like
chart their march through the human heart.

In the midst of one of my hurricane seasons
is when I first learned to trust your voice,
your name inspiring a shelter of faith.
You will get through this.

Then when floodwaters lapped at my foundations
and wind buffeted my walls,
I waivered but never collapsed,
for your legacy was my rock.

It took time but soon the rage
of my head against my soul
broke enough to see the blue of brightness,
the peace of plodding cumulus cloud.

That peace endures, even as
the occasional shadow still brushes my heart.
Today’s mindful prayer to this obscure saint
is of an entirely different sort.

I am not the only hurricane you have faced
and many more people are still in need
of the mystical grace you bestowed on me,
that I could not be myself without.

Lead me, dear saint, in your future endeavors
to be the answer to the sufferer’s storm.
Use me to be the same calming voice you spoke to me.
You will get through this.