I found a piece of you
Reaching through time
The shape of the heart

The lilt of joy,
the considered life
in the fingers,
in the loops

I find a piece of you in the closet
I’ve neglected to organize
and for a moment it’s a jolt
as looking into your eyes

After 2 years,
looking back into your hopes and joys
when buying the laptop
knowing you would fill it with photographs

I haven’t looked into your laptop yet,
I’ve not had it in me
I hope that when I do,
that I can find the password
and I can use the laptop cord 
you wrote your name on

I, as a painter, You, as a pianist
The use of fingers to make vibrations palpable,
to make marks upon another’s soul

A CIA agent would know 
your state of mind
at the time of writing,
and I can feel it too,
a shock of your ISness,
your Beingness,
your brain.

Though I know your infinite self is still around,
your physical thoughts are palpable through my eyes
to my heart 
through your handwriting.