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Lexington Poetry Month



                     as you expect-
   ed, it’s red. even the eyes, iris

                    and pupil. it always looks, seeking never
                                                    to touch, because when it touches
                                        you, it changes. its name

    is written on the inside

                               of its own eyelids, which is why
                       it never forgets you
                                         or itself, its name a call

                                                               to purpose.

               no, it never forgets, remembering
                                                              each detail,
                                  and stays awake all night
                                           which helps it to grow swiftly
      after its sudden, unexpected birth.
                            as sunlight approaches,
                                      it will recall that you are more beautiful
                                                                than you ever really were.

One response to “desire”

  1. mtpoet says:

    I followed each line break to that great ending.

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